CikCik it is an easy way to understand how taxes are spent in Latvia.
We have based our calculations on an official budget information from Ministry of Finance and tailored individual tax calculation to each persons salary level.
People shall enter their salary and we will illustrate their tax money allocation to different sectors.

One part of project is Garage48 projects – taxes calculator. Created in 48 hours a prototype . Prototype consists admin site , where is possible to define taxes types , names and formulas and public page that takes these data and calculates salary by inputted details.

Developed in Garage48 Hackaton specialized Riga Open Data Hackathon

Second part is Average salary database for companies. In admin side it includes functionality to review data that is given by company. Developed Fortumo solution to make information order by SMS , and possibility to send information as SMS to client.

Tech Details :
PHP , Laravel 5.0 , Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery , Ubuntu , Composer , Laravel WorkBench and Vendor package developmet (fortumo)