Do something today that your future self will thank you for

We created plugin “Dosje” to work inside LinkedIn social network while providing essential information the recruiter needs for each candidate he or she finds of interest. All the history of any contact that the recruiter registers inside Dosje back-end database panel is automatically displayed inside Linkedin user profiles and search by a convenient, easy to read, blocks.

For the recruitment workflow it means that there is no more need to search through recruitment excel files, and no chance of missing or duplicating past communication, Dosje reduces chance of errors and speeds up workflow significantly.


Tech Details :
PHP , Laravel 5.0 , Bootstrap , Chrome Extensions , Javascript , RabitMQ , PhantomJS , Jquery , Ubuntu , Composer , Laravel WorkBench and Vendor package developmet

Idea Details : 

Couple of stories under this. Vision of contact management in deeeeep level.
Where did you meet them , what do they know , what information they might have , what risks might come up from people they know , what knowledge and information might make person strong in witch places and cases … a lot of thoughts on this for a longer time that create basic idea of Dosje… … …

Not that deep level Idea Details:
First tnx to ASAPIT girls Sonia and Dana , who gave me possibility to recall my knowledge in Recruitment back in 2014. And I had a possibility to experience that manual work hell , that is related to Recruiter work. Manual Candidate info adding to xls files , checking did I already contacted them by manual comparing of LinkedIn url to url added to xls file. Manual offer text copy paste , copy paste replace with candidate name. Progress logging to xls + text files. Sweet manual Recruitment hell … Place where I started to make first Dosje prototype (called HRcRM at that point) – Chrome extension that collected data about candidates in extension LocalStorage , and automatically imputed text for Candidate vacancies. Ugly hard to use solution that was userFriedly only for me and as HellHardcoded. But really saved me a lot , a lot and lot of time.

While after ending my Recruiter career developed BackEnd functionality and named DosjeIn. Project almost stopped , but tnx god Ilze brought frontEnd light in dark (at that time) hardcoded back-end hell …

Project is partly-active programmed and continuously improved

Starting in November 2016, any new packaged apps or hosted apps that you publish will be restricted to Chrome OS, and will not be available to users on Windows, Mac or Linux. Existing apps will continue to be available on all major platforms.

DosjeIn will be moved to Heroku and main product – extension will not be improved in future.