History : JSAPI was maid back in 2013 when I’ve worked ion NPD concept , and I needed a tool to make daily user data input tasks more easy , and did not need to input data over and over again : this was related to Catalog product input , user form creation and many other daily run-time tasks.
Tool first version included GreaseMonkey script that loads scripts by name from PHP server , and executes them. Had a lot of quick command variations, till went to version that had input box.
First PHP version of it was in Limonade framework .
Even had some minimal success to implement this tool usage in other people work.
Next concept of technology usage came up , going to MDI , because usage of such tool was not needed.By that time I’ve ported tool to Laravel : attaching new functionality , that was related to Chrome extension development. Basic idea was , that chrome extension is only loading external scrips , and itself contains only basic info. But there is large security gap of using technology this way.
JSAPI by this time extended it features by creating CRX packages ready to upload to Chrome market. Similar concept used to load needed apps to chrome extension on them moment when it is generated.
Could use it as tool for developing continuous tool. But it doesn’t solve any problem by idea. Why people need it , because despite that technology used and code written is interesting : it makes CRX development bit difficult…

As I don’t actively develop it now , I will start to publish some parts of Project Source code.
It will take time , because now it is in one big Repository with many branches and lot of sensitive info in it.

Main JSAPI Chrome Extension : Market / Source
Developer JSAPI Extension : Market / Source
Legacy PHP Backend (Limonade) : Source
Laravel 4 Backend : Source
Sublime text 2 (Maybe 3 package) : Source
Bash JSAPI: Source
NodeJs JSAPI: Unfinished part source